The Canadian Association of Science Centres (CASC) builds capacity for its members to inspire a creative and prosperous Canada through science and technology engagement.

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Science centres have relevance to all sectors of the population and have become important meeting places for science and society.  They operate across geographic, economic, political, religious and cultural boundaries.  They impact the well-being, education, achievement and skills of current and future generations.  They are safe places for difficult conversations.

They foster positive attitudes towards science, help people to understand the context of scientific advances and understand how science affects their lives. Research shows that science centres demystify science, conveying its beauty, showing its necessity and making it accessible to the general public.  

Free-choice science learning is the hallmark of the science centre offering.There is a growing body of research showing that free-choice learning – as opposed to formal learning – is key to both knowledge of and attitudes about science among the population.  

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