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Best Exhibit or Show - Large Institution

"Taking Care of Beesness"
by Canada Agriculture Museum

EXL-Beesness“Taking Care of Beesness” showcases the important role that beekeeping plays in the pollination of one third of our food choices. This exhibition addresses both the contemporary concern for the health of bees in our country as well as showcasing Canadian innovations in beekeeping technology and honeybee related industries.


“Between the Stars”
by Science North

EXL2011-between the stars

Between the Stars object theatre is a wondrous, whimsical and sometimes quirky ride that takes audiences from inside the Earth to the furthest reaches of the cosmos in search of the mysterious dark matter that makes up 95 percent of the mass in the universe.


“ONE | Outfits from a New Era”
by Biosphère, Environment Museum

EXL2011-oneThe exhibition features 16 fashion styles created from waste, all of which illustrate many environmental consequences.  Accompanied by artistic videos and vibrating sound screens drawn from the Canadian music scene, these creations present construction materials, batteries, salmon skins, electronic waste, and other discarded items... from a new angle.


Award Graphic EN “Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition”
by Montréal Science Centre

EXL2011- SEXESex: A Tell-all Exhibition is a 500 m2 interactive exhibition that conveys a positive image of sexuality. It responds to young people’s questions and concerns and helps them explore what science has revealed about sexuality. The exhibition, presented from April 2010 to March 2011, is an original production by the Montréal Science Centre and will also be travelling to other institutions in Canada.


“The RBC Blue Water Gallery”
by Canadian Museum of Nature

EXL2011 - RBC BLUE WATER GALLERYRelevant, elegant, and engaging, The RBC Blue Water Gallery is a signature exhibition all about water. Showcased within the newly renovated Canadian Museum of Nature in the heart of Ottawa, it anchors a suite of innovative water-themed offerings which extend the reach of the Gallery far beyond the Museum walls.


Best Exhibit or Show - Small Institution

Award Graphic EN “Glacier Exploration Station”
by Le Jardin des glaciers

EXS2011-jardin de glaciers“A boreal adventure 20,000 years under the ice” – this is what visitors get at the Glacier exploration station! A show where sound, image, light and multimedia technology carry you into the middle of the three themes of glaciers, people of the ice, and climate change. 


“Water and Our World”
by Discovery Centre

EXS2011- WOWWater and Our World is a unique interactive exhibit about the role we play in conserving. Visitors are engrossed in a learning experience focusing on how the city of Halifax uses water. They learn, informally, what steps can be taken to use less and save money in their homes.


Best Onsite Program

“Explorers Urban Garden”
by The Exploration Place

OSP2011-Explorer Urban GardenThe Explorers Urban Garden program is a community garden for the children enrolled in the preschool, after-school care and summer science camps at the Exploration Place. The program is an effort to re-connect our urban youth with their food and to teach and encourage “green” thought and action.


Award Graphic EN “Intergenerational Landed Learning”
by Okanagan Science Centre

OSP2011 - Landed learningIntergenerational Landed Learning partners community volunteers with elementary school children to grow food crops, learn science, and care for the environment in the Xerinidipity Garden at the Okanagan Science Centre. Participants meet ten times during the school year to plant, care for, harvest and enjoy the foods they grow. 


by Johnson GEO CENTRE

OSP2011 - WundergroundWunderground follows the adventures of Mr. MasterMinder, an energetic and eccentric scientist who combines science knowledge with circus performance to teach kids about the world around them. In Wunderground, Mr. MasterMinder searches our Province for ways to power his newest invention – The Amazing Robotic Portable Power Pack!


Best Outreach Program

Award Graphic EN "Water and our World" Program
by Discovery Centre.

Outreach2011 - WOWWater and Our World is an interactive educational program focusing on water use as a scientific and social issue. Examining water’s role in ecosystems and Earth sciences, this hour long workshop consists of four hands on activities and is based on curriculum outcomes for grades seven through nine.


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