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This organization was able to host a wide range of free public speakers which attracted many people who would not normally be reached through the centre's normal programming. Topics ranged from using Quantum in health care to Quantum security, topics that were a great addition to QUANTUM:The Exhibit that was ran between October 14th to January 1st, and coincided with many of the public lectures.

THEMUSEUM was able to attract a large audience including young scientists with a girl guide sleepover and the QUBIT club which was able to stimulate curiosity in the young minds and made the whole event a success.

Science World

As the site of the National tour Launch, Science World hosted two Federal Government Ministers as well as a Provincial Minister, engaging them in activities such as an Actua Maker Mobile workshop and an engaging talk by Neil Turok, “We are All Innovators”. This was just the beginning for Science world as they hosted one of the Innovation 150 festivals in Vancouver, which included 23 events drawing in a very diverse audience. 

The Power of Ideas Exhibition running from January 19 to 24 invited visitors to explore the processes of science, that are critical to the work accomplished by researchers. The exhibition was joined by the The Power of Ideas Presentation by Perimeter Institute, that shares the wonders of science and its importance to innovation. Workshops ran through Actua Maker Mobile were also presented to school groups as well as the public, included Internet Everywhere, Innovation Generation, Everyone Can Code, Making Canadian Makers and the Innovation Station

QUANTUM: The Exhibition coincided with the festival and the Power of Ideas tour, was able to showcase Canada’s scientific excellence in quantum information science and technology using demonstrations to enhance the visitor experience and overall helping to inspire visitors.

The Exploration Place

Hosted on January 21st 2017, The Exploration Place held a community event which encouraged people of all ages to come out and participate in science themed activities. With exhibitors like Science World, BC Green Games, UNBC Chemistry Club, Prince George Astronomical Society and many others, The Exploration Place was able to provide hands on activities for its participants and engage the whole community.

Nunavut Research Institute

With Nunavut being the only province with no lifejacket regulations, the NRI hosted Dr. Giesbrecht who is a leader in the field of human physiology in cold temperatures. He conducted 6 lectures and 2 media interviews reaching a wide range of audiences. They were able to inform the general public, as well as students and health professionals about the dangers of cold water submersion and techniques of getting out of the water. For the health professionals, the treatments of people with hypothermia were gone over to ensure proper practices. These activities were able to effectively inform the community about cold water safety that is needed in Nunavut

Youth Science Canada

Youth Science Canada in collaboration with the Innovation festival in Regina, held the annual Canada Wide Science Fair from May 14 to 20. With over 4000 people attending the STEAM 2017: Festival of Learning and 583 participants in the fair, Youth Science Canada was able to celebrate the young innovative Canadians and acknowledge their achievements. Hosting both the Power of Ideas Exhibit and the Actua Maker Mobile they were also able to promote the power of innovation within the public.

TELUS World of Science - Edmonton

The CASC Innovation 150 grant helped to support two events at TELUS World of Science - Edmonton including an innovation festival held in conjunction with the Power of Ideas Exhibition and the Actua Maker Mobile on June 3 and 4, and a show hosted by Jay Ingram about space exploration held on January 14. The Innovation festival was made up of a Canada 150 Celebration with Edmonton’s largest mentos and coke geyser, and Science of Survival activities, which included the Maker Mobile workshops, the Power of Ideas exhibit and TELUS virtual reality team.

The Rock n’ Roll n’ Space show was a multimedia show held in the planetarium, featuring Canadian science communication icon Jay Ingram. This 90 min show recounts the bold steps taken to explore space and is supplemented with a live band that plays thematically-related music.

Saskatchewan Science Centre

The Innovation Festival: Saskatchewan was led provincially by the Saskatchewan Science Centre with the aim to raise the profile of Canada’s achievements in the world of STEM. Events took place in all areas of the province through March to June including Quantum: The Exhibition which was hosted at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon. The Saskatchewan Science Centre Go! Science outreach team provided additional support programming at the museum to run activities such as Bridging the Gap, Scribble Bots, Makey Makey, Hoop Planes, Wind Car and the Canadarm Challenge. The Go! Science outreach team also travelled with the The Power of Ideas Tour team to schools throughout the province for complementary programming.  In the evening of March 30 the Saskatchewan Science Centre hosted a Beer & Quantum talk led by the Institute of Quantum Computing’s Martin Laforest.

Manuels River Natural Heritage Society

The Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre ran a series of events to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada through the week of June 25th – 30th, in the immediate lead-up to the 1st of July. One of these events was a Citizenship Ceremony, welcoming new citizens from 16 different countries. As Canada Day approached, a series of free nature tours on Manuels River were offered to the general public.Topics for these hikes included birds, botany, human history, geology, wetlands and palaeontology. During this week a series of Canadian themed events took place including  a trivia contest, a Dinner and a Movie evening, a scavenger hunt and of course a Canada Day breakfast. Also offered was a special Canadian Innovators version of Young Scientist, which encouraged participants to think about Canadian innovators through our nation’s history.

The CASC office is situated in Robinson Huron Treaty territory and the land on which we learn and live is the traditional territory of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek.

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