May 28, 2020: Online with colleagues, friends and family!

On Thursday, May 28, 2020, at 7 PM ET,  join us for our first-ever Virtual CASCADE Awards ceremony. Together, we’ll celebrate the outstanding people, programs and exhibits from across the CASC network. We’ll have the opportunity for live discussions with friends and colleagues and we'll end the night with an upbeat musical performance.  

We look forward to seeing representation from across our sector!  

Here's the Program!

    Begins at 7 PM ET (Canada)
    • Intro from the Master of Ceremonies
    • Welcome remarks from CASC
    • Greetings from Dr. Mona Nemer, Chief Science Advisor of Canada
    • Encouragement and Inspiration from Col. Chris Hadfield
    • Remarks from Dr. Alejandro Adem, NSERC President
    • 2020 CASCADE Awards Ceremony

    Best Program: Small Institution

    Best Program: Large Institution

    Best Exhibit or Show: Small Institution

    Best Exhibit or Show: Large Institution

    Making A Difference 

    Career Achievement

    • LIVE: Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions
    • Last words from the Master of Ceremonies
    Concludes at 8 PM ET (Canada)
    • Stay online for a LIVE musical performance by award-winning artist Paul Lamb (The 2019 CASCADE Awards Banquet Musical guest.)
    Select your Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session Room.

    Following the CASCADE Awards ceremony we'll break out into six (6) rooms, each one will feature a different topic with content experts. Upon registration, you'll have a chance to select which sessions you'd like to join.

    Here are the topics for the evening:

    Ethics of AI

    Can you trust AI? Is AI fair? Who benefits? How young is too young to teach AI? Delve into all your questions about Artificial Intelligence with Andy Forest, Co-founder and Executive Director steamlabs & Tanya Woods, Founder, Project K(IN)D

    Answers in English and French

    Future of Medicine

    What does the next 100 years hold? Pushing human limits - how far is too far? Disrupting medical   technologies - what to expect?. Dive deep into the future with Dr. Shawna Pandya, Physician, Citizen-Astronaut & Aquanaut, Martial Artist.

    Answers in English, French or Gujarati.

    Meet an Animal Ambassador

    Come face to face (on-screen) with a Big brown bat. What threats do Big brown bats face?  Why are they important? Join their care-givers Meghan Mitchell, Staff Scientist at Science North and her Bluecoat colleague to learn all about these flying mammals. (Note: This AMA is kid and pet-friendly, bring your kids and fur-babies.)

    Answers in English or French.

    Science of Going Viral (Online)

    What is the future of science communication? How do we tackle misinformation? How can we be inclusive and compassionate? Explore the nature of the internet with Dr. Samantha Yammine (aka Science Sam), Neuroscientist, Science Communicator, and Digital Media Producer

    Answers in English only.  

    What's Next for Space Exploration?

    Can we live on Mars? What are the limits of Earth Observation? What’s next for Canada in space? What’s the future of human spaceflight? Do we even need humans in space? Join Dr. Tanya Harrison Manager of Science Programs, Planet & Dr. Tim Haltigin, Senior Mission Scientist, Planetary Exploration, Canadian Space Agency to explore all your burning space questions. In this case, the sky is not the limit!

    Answers in English or French. 

    Freestyle Socials: A silly debate for serious problems

    Should we edit human DNA? Would you erase a bad memory?  Would you eat  lab grown human meat?  Science is what happens after you ask a really good question. Explore these ideas and more with Anthony Morgan, TV/Radio Host, moderator and Science Everywhere founder.  Science tells us what’s possible – but society decides what is right. Session in English.

    Session in English. 

    Surprise me!

    These options are all amazing and I can’t decide. Choose one for me.

    Have a Question?

    Is there a fee to join the event?

    All CASC Members can join, FREE. A promo code to register has been/will be shared with you by your organization's CASC Membership Bundle Administrator. If you haven't received it by May 20, 2020, send an email to

    Non-members of CASC are invited to join for a minimal fee of $20.00 CAD. Registration Opens May 18, 2020.

    NOTE: Each individual email address will correspond to on AMA room entry.

    Is there a theme? What should I wear?

    Science Champion - What does being a Science Champion mean to you? Here are a few ideas to help inspire you!

    • Show your pride and wear your organization's branded "merch" or colors!
    • Have a cap - this is your chance to wear it!
    • Get creative and create a virtual background for that you can share with your colleagues from your organization - or keep it for yourself!

    Whatever it is you decide we want you to be comfortable, be yourself and enjoy the night!

    What is an Ask Me Anything Session?

    Ask Me Anything (AMA) is an informal interview format that originated on the website Reddit. The idea is that everyone -- from astronauts to regular folks -- has interesting insights and information to share. 

    How will the AMA sessions work during the CASCADE Awards event?

    Using the zoom platform, participants will be assigned to one of six “breakout rooms” - each one will feature a different topic with content experts. You will be automatically ‘moved’ into a breakout room for the AMA portion of the event when it starts. Once in the room you can ask your questions using the Chatbox feature. Each session expert may choose to use additional Zoom features (e.g. such as surveys or share screen). But in its essence, it’s a Question and Answer session. The session will be 20 min long. Everyone will be given a 1 minute warning before the break-out ends and will move back to the main meeting room automatically.  Unleash your curiosity and have fun!

    But I want to go to ALL of the AMA sessions! Can I attend more than one?

    To ease logistical planning for the event, during the registration process, we’ve asked that each person select their top three choices for the AMA session they’d like to participate in. Based on your feedback and technical constraints, we’ll assign you to one AMA session during the event. We promise, you’ll enjoy the selection. 

    NOTE: Each individual email address will correspond to on AMA room entry.

    Will the sessions be Bilingual (English/French)?

    Sessions with a bilingual presenter have been identified. The majority of the sessions will be delivered in English only.  For sessions without a bilingual presenter, we have organized to have bilingual support on the line for translation of questions entered into the chat box. The question will be translated from french to English so that the English presenter may answer (in English).

    Will the event be recorded and shared online afterwards?

    We're currently exploring the best way to do this. Our plans are to have the entire event recorded and shared post-event.

    Thank you to our sponsors!