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Call for Session Proposals

We want you! With your experience and expertise we can jointly develop an innovative conference experience.

CASC's 17th Annual Conference is expected to welcome 150 delegates from across our country. This three-day conference, hosted by The Discovery Centre, features pre-conference activities, engaging learning sessions, keynote speakers, and events that include a welcome reception, a tradeshow and our national CASCADE awards gala. Opportunities to network with your Canadian peers will be offered throughout the program.

Below are the details to help you prepare your conference session proposal.

Conference Theme

Making Waves: The fields of science and technology are filled with waves: water, seismic, acoustic, light, electromagnetic, and the recent confirmation of gravitational. These waves have been heralded as the discovery of the century. Waves have given us Wi-fi, MRIs, and our favourite music. Figuratively, “making waves” is all about creating a lasting impression, having a resounding impact, and instigating change. “Making waves” is essential to innovation and without it, Science and Technology would simply not exist.

In stewardship, we as Science Centres must continue to make waves of our own and inspire others to do the same. As a coastal city, Halifax is heavily influenced by the ocean. We are an anchor of exchange, a place of refuge, and beacon of hope. Looking upon the ocean horizon keeps us mindful, connected, and curious.How do we as Science Centres continue to stay afloat and on mark? To continue to act as an essential port of knowledge and inspiration? In these uncharted waters, we believe an ocean of discovery awaits.


  • Reaching New Audiences
  • Next Generation Engagement
  • Being A Community Hub
  • Science Communication
  • Maker Education Intersections

Reaching New Audiences: Highlighting lessons learned from creating relevant programs and impactful experiences.

Next Generation Engagement: Empowering risk-taking and innovation inside our organizations, with our visitors, and outside our walls.

Being a Community Hub: Many organizations are embracing the idea of being a community hub. What practices are working and which ones have evolved during your exploration of this purpose? How is your organization becoming an inclusive and accessible safe place?

Science Communication: Effective strategies addressing global challenges in an uncharted era of ‘alternative facts’.

Deep Collaborations: Pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers. An honest look at the benefits and challenges of internal and external collaborations. An opportunity to share experiences where ideas have come from unexpected places and represented a diversity of voices.

Maker Education Intersections: Models of success

In order to support the growth and development of both attendees and the field at large, CASC encourages the development of session proposals that will advance the field in both thought and practice. Proposals that focus on diverse operational aspects of science centre practice are especially encouraged. These include sessions that present advances in:

  • Administration

  • Communications, public relations and marketing

  • Community engagement and outreach

  • Development and member relations

  • Staff and workforce development

  • Education and programming

  • Diversity and Accessibility

  • Exhibits and immersive media

  • Leadership

Cross-disciplinary sessions are particularly welcome as they help to broaden our thinking.

Please note: CASC is unable to provide speakers with travel funds, honorariums or allowances.

Selection Criteria

Priority will be given to proposals that are relevant to the conference sub-themes (above), are clear and well developed, and confirm a commitment from the presenters to deliver a diverse, high-quality, thought-provoking session.


  • Proposals will not be accepted if they appear to be a show and tell session or product/service endorsements.

  • Sessions with confirmed speakers will rank more competitively than those without.

  • Complimentary proposals may be matched together to enhance conference sessions.

All proposals are evaluated by the Conference Program Sub-committee using the following criteria:

  • Session is well conceived, developed and has a focused learning outcome
  • Session demonstrates a connection to the conference sub-themes and goals
  • Session offers a divers range of panelists (mandatory)
  • Session format is innovative, thought-provoking and actively engages the audience
Supplementary criteria information can be found here.


Nov. 5, 2018: Proposal submission deadline 

December 3 - 7, 2018: Participants will be notified of selection results

January 7, 2019: Confirmation of session descriptions, speakers/moderators information (Speaker Agreement Form & bio) and AV/room setup needs.

February 2019: Online Conference schedule is live

May 9 or 10, 2018: Delivery of CASC 2019  sessions in Halifax, NS

Thank you to our sponsors!

We are grateful to all CASC 2019 sponsors and thankful for their ongoing support.


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