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Best Program - Small Institution

C.I.EAU Educational program - C.I.EAU 

Through various activities, students discover how the water-related trades and professions are essential to society. The activities are designed to bring young people to reflect upon various issues related to water. 

Sticks and Stars - HR MacMillan Space Centre / Surrey School District

Sticks & Stars is a unique program that supports at-risk, vulnerable and underserved boys (grades 4 – 6) at some of Surrey’s most inner city schools. The program immerses boys in the wonder of space sciences, engineering and hockey at a time when their views and attitudes are still being formed.

Tide to Technology - Discovery Centre

The Tide to Technology program addresses Nova Scotia’s need to raise awareness about oceans and ocean technology-related careers. Through partnership with the Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia, the Discovery Centre provides this hands-on technology-based program available to schools anywhere in Nova Scotia free of charge.

Best Program - Large Institution

Family Nature Clubs - Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

Family Nature Clubs are dedicated to helping people get time in nature back on the family calendar by providing regular opportunities to engage in hikes and other fun outdoor family activities. These experiences give families a sense of place, allow for free play in nature, and familiarize families with the many opportunities for outdoor recreation in their neighborhoods. 

Best Exhibit or Show - Small Institution

Le Chemin de l'eau - C.I.EAU 

Le chemin de l’eau [The water path] exhibition makes consumers more eco-friendly.The visual presentation of the exhibition is designed to engage children from 4 to 12 while its contents delight the grown-ups. The bright colours, interactive furniture and the ten bubble columns amaze our youth. 

Dugout Canoe Project - The Exploration Place

The Exploration Place commissioned Lheidli T’enneh Elders Edie and Robert Frederick as well as Lheidli T’enneh artist Jennifer Pighin to produce a traditional cottonwood dugout canoe for the museum. This project was an excellent opportunity for traditional teaching of cultural knowledge.

The KB3 Mine History Centre - Thetford Mines Mineralogical and Mining Museum

The King Mine History Centre (KB3) is a must-see information source on the mining of chrysotile asbestos and the conservation of the Thetford Mines mining heritage. With its restored mining buildings and its observation tower located on top of a headframe, with stunning views of a mix of urban and mining landscapes, visitors have access to a unique experience!

Worlds of the Night - Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum

At night, while many animals sleep, others get busy. Who are they? Why are they not sleeping? How can they accomplish their activities in total darkness? Some that live in polar regions don’t have a choice. The Worlds of the Night brings to light these subjects along a trail leading to a central zone, surrounded by eleven immersive and interactive alcoves. Obviously, you will be awake all night!

Best Exhibit or Show - Large Institution

Canada 150: Discovery Way - Ontario Science Centre

Canada 150: Discovery Way, is a new 65-metre installation that celebrates the sesqui-centennial through showcasing stories of Canadian innovation, discovery and scientific achievement. The stories are chosen to showcase diversity in scientists and their discoveries but also highlight key aspects of the process of science – observation, testing and collaboration.

Discover Rays - Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

A new exhibit that highlights the wonderful world of stingrays. Featuring a touch pool, Discover Rays gives our visitors the opportunity to emotionally engage with these gentle fishes as they glide beneath the water’s surface.  This hands-on exhibit was developed to engage visitors with rays, while engendering a feeling of respect for the fishes and ensuring fish health and safety.

Power of Ideas - Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

The overarching theme of this exhibition is the Process of Science. This process includes sparking curiosity where participants can explore, observe and ask questions. They can experiment and develop their own models to answer the question “what is going on here?” and learn the power of failure in promoting perseverance and renewed testing, critical thinking and collaboration. The exhibits have been designed to encourage and enable the types of behaviours that mirror the work of scientists at the Perimeter Institute and reinforce a natural curiosity about the nature of the Universe.

Wild Weather - Science North

Wild Weather engages visitors in cutting-edge technology used to forecast weather events and in the stories and equipment of weather seekers – the scientists, forecasters, broadcasters, and the passionate seekers and enthusiasts. Through experiments, challenges, models, computer interactives and multimedia experiences, visitors of all ages delve into current severe weather science.

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