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Every year at the CASC Annual Conference a gala and awards ceremony is held to recognize the outstanding people, programs and exhibits of our members.  

Outstanding Individual Achievement: 

Adjudicated by the CASC Board of Directors. All award recipients will become Honourary Lifetime Members of CASC. 

Project or Program Leadership

Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership during a period of great change in their organization. Such a period may include outwardly visible projects such as a major capital or exhibition project or fundraising campaign, or they may include infrastructure projects such as the development of a new technology backbone or internal quality service delivery.

“Making a Difference” 

Awarded to an individual engaged directly in program or exhibit delivery; who has made a significant difference to their colleagues and their public visitors. 

The nominee can be an employee or a volunteer of a CASC member organization.

Career Achievement

Awarded to an individual that has made major long-term contributions to the Canadian science centre/museum community. 

The nominated individual must have worked within the Canadian Science Centre/planetarium/museum community for ten (10) years or more. This category is not limited to retirees.

Institutional Awards:

Total of four awards. Adjudicated by the CASCADE Awards Jury.

Best Exhibit or Show

Large Institution AND Small Institution

This award is given annually for the best permanent, temporary or travelling exhibition or multimedia, live presentation or planetarium show of a CASC Full member.

Best Program

Large Institution AND Small Institution

This award is given annually for the best onsite or outreach educational, interpretive, or public program of a CASC Full member.

The CASC office is situated in Robinson Huron Treaty territory and the land on which we learn and live is the traditional territory of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek. We strive for reconciliation by working to transform existing relationships to emphasize open dialogue, mutual understanding and respectful collaborations.

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