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We're collaborating with the Canadian Space Agency to help recruit future astronauts!

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) recently launched the Junior Astronauts campaign for teachers, educators, youth group leaders and young Canadians in grades 6 to 9. Junior Astronauts is a campaign that allows young Canadians to test their skills and knowledge, to understand the role they can play in future Canadian missions to the Moon, and to get excited about science and space.

Here are ways for CASC members to get involved

1. SHARE the initiative with YOUR organization’s teacher network & show CASC's collective reach!

Did you know the CASC network has one of the largest reaches to educators across the country? Help show our collective reach as a network and let us know how many grade 6-9 teachers you shared Junior Astronauts with for the opportunity to win one (1) FREE Registration to CASC 2020 Conference in Ottawa! The draw will take place in February 28 2020.

Click here to record the number of teachers you provided information to. Please update your numbers throughout the campaign so we can track how many grade 6-9 teachers CASC members have been reached! We LOVE data.

Here’s a sample message to send to teachers with information on the Junior Astronauts campaign.

2. Deliver Junior Astronaut activities in YOUR science centre/science museum and apply for a chance to win an astronaut or space expert visit! 

Each CASC Full Member and eligible Affiliate Member has an opportunity to win a visit by an astronaut or space expert to your organization in spring 2020. All you have to do is register and complete at least one (1) of the activities available on the Junior Astronauts website by February 28 2020, run at least one (1) activity with youth who are in grades 6-9 (Grade 6 to Secondary 3 in Quebec), in any of the proposed streams: Science and Technology, Fitness and Nutrition, and Teamwork and Communication. The CSA will randomly select schools and organizations from every Canadian province and territory. The more streams you participate in, the more chances you will have (up to three)!

Note: Eligibility for the Contest will depend on proof of the activity being run with youth of grades 6 to 9 (Grade 6 to Secondary 3 in Quebec) in the form of a video posted on social media. A questionnaire also needs to be filled (see Terms and Conditions on the Junior Astronaut website).

Fast Facts:

Target Audience: Grade 6-9 youth (Grade 6 to Secondary 3 in Quebec).

Setting: Anywhere! (e.g. at your institution, schools, etc.)

Activities: 20-90 min Space-themed activities facilitated by an educator/program staff.


  1. Register your organization on the CSA Junior Astronaut portal in order to have access to full activity kits and to receive updates from the CSA about the campaign.  
  2. Review available activities in the CSA Junior Astronaut Portal. Fill out this CASC FORM letting us know information about your events (date, expected number of participants, etc) and your request for CSA Junior Astronaut materials, such as posters, buttons, stickers, bookmarks…
  3. Deliver at least one activity in any of the three streams and provide a CSA Junior Astronaut certificate (available in the portal) to all grade 6-9 participants (so that they can enter the CSA’s Junior Astronauts Camp contest if they choose
  4. Share a short video on social media before February 28, 2020 and fill out the entry form on your Junior Astronauts account.The more streams you participate in, the more chances you will have (up to three)!
  5. Fill-out follow-up post-event survey!

Help young Canadians win a trip to the CSA's Junior Astronauts Camp!

Young Canadians who complete at least one activity in each of the streams by March 29 2020 can apply to take part in the CSA’s Junior Astronauts recruitment. Selected youth from across Canada will have the opportunity to go to the Canadian Space Agency in Saint-Hubert, Quebec for a week of training by astronauts, scientists and engineers. Certificates for completing an activity are provided by the host organization (templates available on the Junior Astronaut website) and youth will need to submit a video that addresses the question "Why I should be chosen to be a CSA junior astronaut" (with guardian consent). Four (4) winners per province and territory (for a total of 52 prizes) will be chosen through random draws to attend the Junior Astronaut Camp.


Posters, Visuals, Campaigns and more!

Streams and Activities

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Junior Astronauts campaign work?

Structured activities focused on three streams – science and technology, fitness and nutrition, and teamwork and communication – are available to schools and youth organizations catering to young Canadians in grades 6 through 9 (grade 6 through secondary 3 in Quebec).

Schools/organizations participating in at least one activity in any stream and meeting the other requirements will be eligible to be selected randomly to win a visit from an astronaut or a space expert in spring 2020. Schools/organizations in every province and territory will be selected. The more streams an organization participates in, the more chances they will have (up to three).

There will also be a national contest for youth who participated in all three streams. They will be required to register and provide a video explaining why they would be the best Junior Astronaut candidate. Four young applicants from every province and territory will be selected randomly to take part in a camp in summer 2020, at the CSA's headquarters in Saint-Hubert, Quebec. During the camp, they will get to meet some of our astronauts, engineers and scientists!

Accessible online content and learning games are available as well for young Canadians from kindergarten to Grade 12, educators, parents and youth organizations, including a fun astronaut game for younger children that was launched during David Saint-Jacques' space mission.

What kind of activities are there?

Accessible online content and learning games are available to young Canadians, educators, parents and youth organizations, including Mission: Astronaut, a fun game for younger children that was launched during David Saint-Jacques' space mission.

Structured activities are offered based on three streams for kids with varying interests: science and technology, fitness and nutrition, and communications and teamwork

Designed to be run in schools or youth organizations, these activities are:

  • curriculum-friendly: all proposed activities have been designed to build skills targeted in existing curricula from across the country.

  • free to download, low cost to run: little to no materials required.

  • customizable: select all activities from all streams, or just a few – you choose!

  • adaptable: activities can be tailored to a range of group sizes and ability levels.

  • linked to astronaut missions: get youth excited about their future in science, technology, engineering, and math through space – a universe of possibilities awaits!

  • and beyond: encourage your youngsters to strengthen cross-curicular competencies with fun, interactive ways to highlight the importance of healthy living and team-building skills.

What if we already deliver a similar activity?

Many CASC member organizations already provide space-themed activities as part of the ongoing programs. Some of the activities that they offer may be similar to CSA Junior Astronaut activities.

Instructions, activity duration and materials included in the Junior Astronauts activities are suggestions that can be modified to fit the size, abilities and needs of your group. Therefore, if you have your own version of the activity, you can use it as long as it is not too different.  

Do the activities need to take place in our centre/museum?

You can deliver activities within your institution or at a different location (e.g. school, community centre, festival, etc).

Can you recommend specific activities to be used in a Science Centre or Science Museum setting?

You can choose to deliver any activity in any of the three streams. As an examples, here are some CSA Junior Astronaut activities recommended by CASC members:

Stream: Science and Technology

Under (Air) pressure: Bernoulli's Principle. Discover the force that makes planes fly and learn about the scientific method. This activity was developed by our collaborators at Cosmodôme.

Lunar Resupply Mission

Build a lunar lander to send supplies to the Moon. Design, budget, build, and test your lander to safely deliver a payload to the Moon. This activity was developed in collaboration with Brilliant Labs.

Stream: Fitness and Nutrition

These Boots are Made for Spacewalking. Learn how astronauts must perform complex mental and physical tasks when they execute a spacewalk. This activity was developed in collaboration with the Personnel Support Programs of the Canadian Forces Welfare Morale Services and reviewed by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Stream: Teamwork and Communication

Survivor: Moon Do you know what it takes to survive on the Moon? In this activity you will prioritize items your crew needs to return safely to your lunar base.

What are the video requirements to enter “Astronaut or Space Expert” contest?

(see also the Terms and Conditions on the CSA Junior Astronaut website

Create a video showcasing the Junior Astronauts activity and stream that was run at the Organization and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube using #JuniorAstronauts and #AstronautesJuniors, and tagging the Canadian Space Agency related accounts on Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube.

Through the entry form in your Junior Astronauts account, provide the private or public link to your video posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube.

  • Videos must be presented in English or French.

  • Videos must be no longer than one (1) minute in length.

  • Videos must be accessible to the CSA for entry and must be in the form of a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube post. Entries will be declared invalid if they are posted as an Instagram or Facebook story.

  • Video entries will be declared invalid if they are late, illegible, incomplete, irregular, forged, garbled or reproduced.

  • Video entries will be declared invalid if any third-party trademarks, brands and/or logos, such as those of sports teams, businesses, restaurants or coffee chains, are used or displayed, either in a photograph, a drawing, or in a piece of creative writing, or in any part of the video, obviously or subliminally.

  • Video entries will be declared invalid if they negatively depict another person, nation, country, ethnicity, race, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

  • Video entries will be declared invalid if they contain content deemed offensive or inappropriate, including but not limited to nudity, vulgarity and violence.

  • There is no fee to enter this Contest, and no purchase is necessary. However, participating Organizations are fully responsible for all expenses incurred in connection with their participation in the Contest, including submitting their application, preparing and conducting the activities, and preparing and submitting their video entry.

Mandatory consent

Only the individuals for whom the submitting Organization has obtained consent release forms (Word, 331 KB), (signed by the parents / legal guardians in the event of minors), can appear in the video. No other individuals should be filmed.

Note: The CSA may require the Organization to provide the originals of the signed consent forms at any time during the Contest. Organizations are therefore required to retain all original signed consent forms. Failing to provide those original documents or send them within the required time frame will result in the rejection of the Organization's entry.

Where do I get a copy of the Certificate to provide to youth after they complete an activity?

Register and Login into the CSA Junior Astronaut Portal. Select the appropriate stream for the activity (Science and Technology), Fitness and Nutrition, Teamwork and Communication). Click on the “Download the certificate for this stream” button at the bottom of the page.

Collective Impact: CASC Members & the CSA Junior Astronauts Program  

Teachers Reached

Number of Activities

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